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Certified Professional Yacht Broker Program

"A New Standard of Performance for Professional Yacht Brokers"

In development since 1999, the yacht broker certification project objective has been to set a performance baseline for professional yacht brokers nationwide.

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  • Introduction

    A program 'Design Team' of volunteers from the three associations worked with the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute to define the industry Body of Knowledge, which lists the key areas of performance skills and knowledge required to be a professional yacht broker. The team then crafted a certification exam, comprised of 151 questions which covers:

    1. Laws and Regulations
    2. Technical Knowledge
    3. US Transactions
    4. Yacht Broker Responsibilities
    5. Ethics

    Brokers who pass the test receive the CPYB designation. The first group to receive the designation was in December, 2002.

  • Requirements
  • Requirements

    All applicants must comply with the following eight (8) requirements in order to be eligible to sit for the CPYB exam. The applicant, and, where appropriate, the brokerage firm with whom the applicant is currently employed meets or agrees to comply with the following:

    1. The applicant has, at a minimum, worked for the past three consecutive years and is currently working in the business of yacht sales.
    2. The applicant has not been convicted of a felony within the previous seven years.
    3. The brokerage firm/broker of record maintains a dedicated escrow/trust account that is utilized for all client funds in trust.
    4. The brokerage firm/applicant currently hold all necessary licenses required by all applicable governmental entities.
    5. All client payments are made payable to the brokerage firm/broker of record and not to individual brokers.
    6. All client transactions are supported by fully executed, contractually sound written agreements, affording protection to both the buyer and seller.
    7. All business conducted by the applicant complies in full with the CPYB Code of Ethics.
    8. The applicant has not been found in violation of any yacht broker association's code of ethics within the previous seven years.
  • Application
  • Application

    To download the CPYB application, visit: www.cpyb.net

    Complete the application and submit it with your application fee to:

    National Yacht Broker Certification Program 105 Eastern Avenue Suite 104 Annapolis, MD 21403

  • Getting Prepared
  • Getting Prepared

    A comprehensive Study Guide is available to help you prepare for the exam.

    It contains the Yacht Broker Body of Knowledge, resources, sample exam questions, study tips and test-taking strategies.

    To download a copy of The Guide, visit: www.cpyb.net

    The Guide is also available for purchase:
    $79.00 - YBAA Members
    $79.00 - CPYB Broker or CPYB Applicant
    $99.00 - Association Partners
    $59.00 - 20 + copies, (NYBA, IYBA, CYBA, and OYBA)
    $195.00 - List Price

  • The Exam
  • The Exam

    Once you are approved to take the exam, you MUST schedule it within 6 months of your acceptance letter. Find the site and date that is convenient for you on the CPYB Exam Sites/Dates list and then send the Registration Form in with your payment.

    To register for an exam and view exam sites and dates, visit: www.cpyb.net

    Exam Fees:
    $225 if you are a member of YBAA, CYBA, IYBA, NYBA, or OYBA.
    $775 if you are not a member of one of those organizations.

    There is no fee to re-take the exam.

  • Contact
  • Contact

    For any questions, please contact CPYB directly at:

    105 Eastern Avenue
    Suite 104
    Annapolis, MD 21403

    Phone: 410.263.1014
    Fax: 410.263.1659

    Website: www.cpyb.net